Everyone’s A Theologian


“Theology is unavoidable for every Christian.”-R.C. Sproul

The basic premise that this book is built on is this; All Christians engage in theology, the only questions is, whether that theology is sound or unsound.

To that end, Dr. Sproul offers this volume which is divided into eight approximately 30-page sections which are: Introduction to Theology, Theology Proper, Anthropology and Creation, Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology.

Do not let these “ologies” scare you, the book is very readable and easy to understand. The target audience for this book is the layman. Dr. Sproul does an excellent job of keeping that audience in mind as he constructs the content of this book.

How To Use

I read this book from cover to cover and enjoyed it. However, this book could be used as a reference if you needed sound information on a biblical topic such as; Original Sin, The Offices of Christ, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Sanctification, The Church, or The Millennium. In total, there are sixty chapters in this book and they are generally between five and seven pages each. This book is both easy to read and discuss with others.

This book is great for individual study, small group learning, adult Sunday School, or even a new believer’s class. Truthfully, most Christians who have been saved for a long time would have a lot to learn from this book because basic Bible doctrine is not being taught in most places today.

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  • “Theology is the study of God.” From the section An Introduction
  • “Only as we understand the character of God can we understand every other doctrine properly.” From the section on Theology Proper
  • “Fallen man lacks the motivation to obey the law out of pristine love for God.” From the section on Anthropology and Creation
  • “Christ fulfills the eternal design of salvation so that every person for whom He died is saved.” From the section on Christology.
  • “Since we are naturally dead to the things of God, the only way to become a Christian is through the work of the Holy Spirit.” From the section on Pneumatology.
  • “It is impossible for a converted person to remain unchanged.” From the section on Soteriology.
  • “Apostolic authority, which means biblical authority, is the foundation of the church.” From the section on Ecclesiology.
  • “We will face the judgment of God either on the basis of our works or on the basis of Christ’s work.” From the section on Eschatology.

Are you looking for a sound, readable, survey of biblical doctrine? I commend this book to you. It should be required reading for anyone with an interest in broadening their knowledge of God or the Bible.

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