The Trough blog and podcast is a Christian resource site led by Nathan Zach and dedicated to historic christian faith. We are Christians who desire to provide a place for those interested to receive spiritual nourishment from Articles, Meditations, E-Books, videos and other materials geared toward edification of the believer and strengthening the local church.

Who we serve – All interested people who love God’s Word and want to grow in it to see God more clearly and as more glorious and thus to love Him more. This will result in a more intentionally lived Christian life… one that glorifies God as the supreme object of value in all of existence.

What we do– We develop various forms of media (print and video) all aimed at making God’s truth accessible, understandable, and valuable to His people.

Why this resource site? We have a fervent desire to see the people of God [His Sheep] thriving! This happens when they have a steady diet of His Word. The Bible is under attack in our day and has been removed from pulpits, churches, and the interests of the people. The Trough aims to confront this head on! We want to inspire the worship of God through His truth…to His glory!


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