Ep. 013: A Look At The Doctrines Of Grace: Unconditional Election



It has been said that if you believe the “T” in TULIP, then all the other letters are a necessary outworking of that logic because if man is truly unable to do anything within himself to get to God, then if a man is to gets to God, God must do the decisive work to make it so. The first part of this work of God, is the second letter in our acrostic “U” standing for Unconditional Election. I know that this is not the most common view on election but I want to encourage you as you listen to this episode, to let the Bible speak to your heart about its message on this awesome topic.


  • Election
  • The First Head of Doctrine: Of Divine Predestination
  • Conditional Election?
  • Problems with Conditional Election
  • Election and Faith

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