Friday Resource: Free Kids Sunday Journal Pages

I recently read Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham. It left me wondering where the book had been all of my familial life. The book really drove home the importance of us as parents as the primary means of discipleship in our children’s lives. I started honing in on some of these areas with much more detail than I had before and it has brought so much joy to my heart! So, I wanted to share the first fruit from our newfound commitment to actively and purposefully discipling our children. It is a resource my wife created to help children navigate the Sunday sermon.

Now that 3 of our 4 children are over the age of 5, they sit with us during the worship service and sermon. My daughter Lilly who is 8 loves to take notes but they can sometimes be all over the place. Sometimes, she just writes one word that sticks out to her or that she doesn’t understand. She does her best and we encourage her in this practice. My wife, a talented graphic designer, decided to put together an age appropriate journal page for kids specifically for sermon notes and you can download it below for free!

Since creating this resource, we had the idea to put these pages and more into a bound journal for your children to have as a tool and a keepsake. We’d love to hear your feedback on ideas for what you’d like to see in this journal. Feel free to comment below or send us an e-mail


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